Available Incentive Options


380 Agreements

The city may consider providing loans or grants of economic development funds as permitted by Section 380.001 of the Texas Local Government Code.

Type A and Type B sales tax

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Fee waivers and fast track permitting

Fee waivers may reduce or eliminate any city fees associated with the development of the project.

Workforce development assistance and job training

Job training assistance may be provided to deter cost of local employee training. Other assistance may be provided through the Small Business Development Center.

Infrastructure improvements

Infrastructure improvements include the provision of, or participation in, the extension of community infrastructure to the project site, including water, wastewater, electrical, drainage or road improvements.

Tax abatement and special taxing districts

The Economic Development team will assist and provide a cost analysis to determine the feasibility of the project for consideration providing tax abatement's for real and/or personal property.

Freeport exemption

This business incentive is designed to exempt a company’s partial or entire inventory from property taxes. To be eligible, property must be assembled, stored manufactured or fabricated locally and then exported out of the State within 175 days after the property was acquired or imported into the state.

Texas Enterprise Fund (TEF)

The TEF provides the state’s leaders with a “deal closing fund” that has the flexibility and financial resources to help strengthen the state’s economy. The fund can be used for a variety of economic development projects including infrastructure and community development, job training programs, and business incentives. Before funds can be awarded, the governor, lieutenant governor, and speaker must unanimously agree to support the use of the TEF for each specific project. View the State of Texas Wide Open for Business Incentive Guide for more information.

Performance Requirements

Performance requirements are required for all projects approved by BEDC and are based on a period of time,creation of jobs and capital investment made by the company as negotiated on or before the expenditure of grant funds and/or loan programs. (known as a Performance Agreement).

Key Considerations

  • Period of Time50%
  • Creation of Jobs95%
  • Total Capital Investment70%

Valuable Resources

COVID-19 Emergency Grant Application

Download and complete this form to officially request for business assistance for disaster relief from COVID-19 impacted businesses. Turn in your completed form and we will go to work for you! We always like to help growing businesses!

Business Assistance Application Form

Download and complete this form to officially request for business assistance. Turn in your completed form and we will go to work for you! We always like to help growing businesses!

Community Profile

Use this easy to read document that will provide you with important data about our great city. Learn about our location, population, taxes and utilities.

Bowie Trade Area Map

An excellent map to see exactly where our designated trade area reaches.

Creating New Job Market Opportunities

The Bowie Economic Development Corporation (BEDC) is a nonprofit organization whose mission is to administer Bowie’s Type 4A economic development sales tax for the promotion and development of new and expanded business enterprises that result in industrial and economic development with an emphasis on job opportunities in the Bowie, Texas area. The BEDC team offers business assistance on a case-by-case basis to stimulate business attraction, retention, redevelopment, and expansion. The base of assistance is determined by several factors including:
  • Capital investment

  • Community impact (both retention and attraction)

  • Median wage

  • North American Industry Classification System (NAICS) code

  • Number of full-time jobs created

  • Number of full-time jobs retained

  • Type of operation


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