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Montague County | April 28, 2020- On Monday April 27, 2020 at 2:30 p.m., Governor Greg Abbott announced that Executive Order GA 16, previously issued April 17, 2020 continuing the stay-at-home order, will expire April 30, 2020. Governor Abbott also announced that the newly issued Executive Order GA 18 will commence May 1, 2020.

Montague County previously issued an Emergency Order dated March 26, 2020. This Order is set to expire April 30, 2020. Montague County has no plans to extend, amend or issue any other emergency orders at this time. Rather, Montague County will defer to Executive Order GA 18 and any future orders issued by the Office of the Governor of Texas.

Montague County would request that its citizens and businesses refer to Executive Order GA 18 for all guidance regarding how to operate and conduct their personal and professional business during the duration of the Order.

Executive Order GA 18 does provide guidance for certain businesses, including restaurants, retail stores, movie theaters, museums and libraries, to begin reopening May 1, 2020 at 25% capacity, with some exceptions for businesses in rural counties to operate at 50% capacity.

Executive Order GA 18 provides that rural counties that have had five or fewer confirmed cases of COVID-19 may begin to reopen certain businesses at 50% capacity. To date, Montague County has six confirmed cases. Thus, at this time, our local businesses are limited to the 25% capacity requirement. However, Montague County officials will reevaluate its eligibility for this 50% capacity possibility on May 1, 2020, the earliest possible time. If Montague County meets the requirements to operate businesses at 50% capacity, it will be made known.

Montague County officials are working within the guidelines provided by the State of Texas to achieve the maximum opportunities available for its citizens and businesses while also taking into account the safety, health and welfare of all. Please continue to be diligent and act with reasonableness.

Montague County has information available on the Montague County website for review regarding COVID-19 and the Emergency Order.